Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life's been good....

Well... been enjoying myself for the past few days... going dancing, went Mambo Night with my classmates, ate some famous crabs at AMK, opp Mayflower Sec School, went to Night Safari as well! Yeah... funfilled week that i don't wanna do my homework liaoz! Was so tired man.... had a free school day, but in the end, used it to rest and sleep.. Got my exam dates alreadi and gosh... they are back to back!! Very xiong! And I also have a outside course exam in april too... got dance tests, practical and written and also another test on MCQs... shuxxxx.. i need to switch to study mood.. and ALSO, exercise and more importantly, SWIM!!!! got to work into my calendar liaoz of when to study what.. i got too many events happening liaoz.. I'm still in school.. gonna leave soon and also got church, then tomorrow is a long long day.. morning got CC event, then afternoon i got the other track event.. fwah... and my homework is due soon!! Help!!!! Alritey.. got to find time to do it man.. Okie la.. wah.. i better hurry out.. see my bus coming.. tata!! Have a great weekend!


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