Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For the safety of myself.

I will not be updating my blog anymore. Thanks for reading.
Anything, u can get me through friendster.

HAve a great life ahead...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mr Bean's Holiday!

Mr Bean's Holiday!
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I won a pair of tickets to the show and guess what? Also got a file and a notebook free too! Isn't it cool! Haven't catch it yet.. but soon!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Balcony - United Square

The Balcony - United Square
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This is a very cool place! Opens till 2am on weekends and found at Novena... the Tapas are free from 6pm to 8pm on weekdays.... and this drink.. Summer Breeze is not bad! :)

Turkish Food

Turkish Food
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Here's just the empty plate... it was good food... but super bad service.. there were like racists... served the ang mohs and didn't bother about us.... erm.. this branch is at roberston walk.. so, take note, if u want service, u need to be white or bring a Caucasian friend along.. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life's been good....

Well... been enjoying myself for the past few days... going dancing, went Mambo Night with my classmates, ate some famous crabs at AMK, opp Mayflower Sec School, went to Night Safari as well! Yeah... funfilled week that i don't wanna do my homework liaoz! Was so tired man.... had a free school day, but in the end, used it to rest and sleep.. Got my exam dates alreadi and gosh... they are back to back!! Very xiong! And I also have a outside course exam in april too... got dance tests, practical and written and also another test on MCQs... shuxxxx.. i need to switch to study mood.. and ALSO, exercise and more importantly, SWIM!!!! got to work into my calendar liaoz of when to study what.. i got too many events happening liaoz.. I'm still in school.. gonna leave soon and also got church, then tomorrow is a long long day.. morning got CC event, then afternoon i got the other track event.. fwah... and my homework is due soon!! Help!!!! Alritey.. got to find time to do it man.. Okie la.. wah.. i better hurry out.. see my bus coming.. tata!! Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Another weekend of dance!

Hey peeps.... it was another weekend of dance for me but this time went down to the dance school in town, it was Open house also, so it was just $10... i attended Funk Jazz, Latin Jazz and also Hip Hop... fwah... the Hip Hop class was damn difficult but these kids in the other half of the room was doing damn well lor.... i felt so "old" then.... at least at Funk Jazz i wasn't doing too bad... Latin Jazz? Erm.... wasn't much...

Oh... and also went to IT Fair... i literatelly snatched or grabbed a Toshiba 1G Flash Drive for $19.90!! Me and my fren was trying to grab the brochure and they were only giving out 20 lor... the people behind were like snatching it as well.. and it was horrible.. my fren also grabbed the brochure too... Anyway, it was an adventure.. haa...

Also watched 300, the movie.. it's really good! OMG! The abs on the men... damn powerful lor... the audition must be a stomach with 6 or 8 packs lor...biangz... oh.. and it's M18.. there's nudity and sex scenes... but the fighting scenes were very gory...blood everywhere.. but it was a good show...

I'm really considering to close down this blog... since i'm not really updating much.. erm.. so peeps.. enjoy while u can...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Dancing my life away!!

Yeah yeah yeah!! This weekend was dance dance dance! Went for LA Dance Connection Open House and basically, danced my morning away! Instead of sleeping at home, i just had to grab this chance to attend their $2 per class lor... and i attended 6 classes for $10 only! haha.. even more worth it!

What classes did i attend? First 3 classes was taken on Saturday morning:
1. Hip Hop 1 (Quite fun, manageable... totally forgot the steps liaoz..)
2. Intro to Jazz (Like the song.. i also like Janet Jackson! Hmm... can remember a little bit)
3. Turn Techniques (This was good to learn how to turn.. but i think, i still need to do my spotting better.. still get dizzy!)

Then, sunday morning attended it with my friend, T:
1. Salsa Hip Hop (Gosh.. didn't know that Salsa part must partner too! But it was fun! Cool to have this.. i like!)
2. Pure Funk (This is the most enjoyable class i think, 2nd is Hip Hop! Cos the steps were easier to pick up.. and it was a good build up!)
3. Super Stretch (Just a way for me to cool down and stretch those muscles.. hehe)

Watched their performance... really not bad... the Casino thing was really good! Hmmm.. dun think i'll join their classes even though it's like cheaper? It's just a bit far off... i'll stick to the dance club in school for now! hehee..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Girls' nite out!

Here's some pics i took last night where i met up with my girlfriends for celebrating birthdays... but i wasn't feeling too well but i still smiled for the cameras nonetheless............ here are some pics.. enjoy..

Wonderful desserts!Yummy desserts!Our group pic at oostersbeigian mussels in white wineWhat beers we had!

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