Monday, March 05, 2007

Dancing my life away!!

Yeah yeah yeah!! This weekend was dance dance dance! Went for LA Dance Connection Open House and basically, danced my morning away! Instead of sleeping at home, i just had to grab this chance to attend their $2 per class lor... and i attended 6 classes for $10 only! haha.. even more worth it!

What classes did i attend? First 3 classes was taken on Saturday morning:
1. Hip Hop 1 (Quite fun, manageable... totally forgot the steps liaoz..)
2. Intro to Jazz (Like the song.. i also like Janet Jackson! Hmm... can remember a little bit)
3. Turn Techniques (This was good to learn how to turn.. but i think, i still need to do my spotting better.. still get dizzy!)

Then, sunday morning attended it with my friend, T:
1. Salsa Hip Hop (Gosh.. didn't know that Salsa part must partner too! But it was fun! Cool to have this.. i like!)
2. Pure Funk (This is the most enjoyable class i think, 2nd is Hip Hop! Cos the steps were easier to pick up.. and it was a good build up!)
3. Super Stretch (Just a way for me to cool down and stretch those muscles.. hehe)

Watched their performance... really not bad... the Casino thing was really good! Hmmm.. dun think i'll join their classes even though it's like cheaper? It's just a bit far off... i'll stick to the dance club in school for now! hehee..


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